Dad [42M] constantly touches and kisses my sister and I [17F] but I don't like it. How to make him stop?

I have a daughter. She's 15. I call her my cactus child or my little porcupine because ever since she was born, she has had a low threshold for cuddles. Occasionally I will demand that she let me hug her body or hold her like a baby. Usually she rolls her eyes and will touch her elbow to my elbow... or force her index finger into my mouth and rub my teeth while I scream. I know how that looks. It's bizarre and ridiculous and goddamn disgusting (for me) but it's what she does. And it's okay because sometimes she will let me hug her body, and sometimes she perches on the arm of my chair like a vulture and hugs my head. Often, she will tuck me into bed.

My point is that I've never really forced my cactus child to give me affection. She does in her way, on her terms, and that's what I want. Your dad probably has no idea how much you don't like the hugs and whatnot. Maybe all you need to do us tell him, since he hasn't picked up on it on his own. I think most parents who love their kids would respect that.

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