Dad became an insufferable, negative, miserable pile of shit when my mom died in 2016.

I only talk to my bio parents to provide an example to my kids of what a functional multi generational family should look like.

I was a practice child in a practice family.

I turned out fairly successful.

My bio parents would love to cash in on an investment they didn't make. Especially since families 2.0 and 3.0 didn't produce any returns.

I have several pivotal chapters in my childhood where my safety, wellbeing, and opportunities were snatched away due to their selfishness.

My children are unlikely to know how absolutely terrible, negligent, and selfish my bio parents were.

I make the requisite call and annual visit.

But I hope they die in a financially convenient order so I can put exactly the same amount of effort into their end of life care as they put into the beginning of mine.

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