Dad found out about me being an atheist and pansexual today.

You little piece of shit. Where I grew up, I’d have got the shit beat out of me. If you’re that forward thinking, can’t you imagine that he holds different values dear? Your teenage ass should learn some empathy. Maybe his world view is narrow minded but he’s literally doing the best he knows by you. And yeah live your life the way you want. By all means. No one can stop you from being who you are. Clearly not a loving father or his filter settings. But rather than having a conversation and talking through it you’re threatening to cut him out of your life? For what? Because he can’t comprehend a pan sexual atheist from his point of view?

You want to be treated like an autonomous individual? How about you feed yourself, pay rent, work full time, raise a family, manage a household and then maybe we’ll talk. Basically grow the fuck up.

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