Dads may be more likely to vote for female political candidates if they have a daughter - but only if the daughter is their first-born child, finds new research. This phenomenon is called the “first-daughter effect,” and is stronger in Democrats than Republicans.

There is no refuting a social question because there is no objective knowledge that is possible to be gained from it. Statistics is a scientific tool yes but it is not an end in itself for truth, there are too many variables to account in social studies, they are not scientists, not to mention the subjectivity of the one doing the “study”. Which is what I highly suspect makes this Reddit post “political” intentional or not I don’t know but my “social intuition” says it is, which doesn’t make it true. Just like this article and your question. My poorly stated answer to you was an encapsulation that your question is flawed. And it is in fact true that eating ice cream increases drownings just look it up. It’s a none sense answer that is t scientific because statistics was never intended to be so.

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