Dads who were scared of having kids, how do you feel about having kids now?

I wouldn't have characterized myself as actually "scared" of having kids. But, I was convinced that I didn't want kids. I have two.

Being their father has been the singular most rewarding experience of my life. I would never take it back and I cannot imagine my life without them. However, I did get a vasectomy a couple years ago.

It perfectly normal...warranted, even, to be nervous and concerned about having kids. There's not wrong answer. Have them or don't. It's your call and you will probably live a contented life either way. But, forget about "losing" anything. It a bit of pet peeve for me me but I hate when people characterize parenthood that way. You don't lose anything. You willingly trade it for something else...something better and more important. It's just a different lifestyle with different priorities.

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