DAE experience massive overwhelm from any academic assignment?

I have the same problem. I'm supposed to be working on a big project for my ASL class right now. It's due in less than an hour... not gonna happen. I've been scrolling here instead. I just can't do it. I keep avoiding it. If I force myself to focus on it, it's like my brain shuts down and I don't comprehend anything anymore. You could ask me what 2+2 is and I wouldn't know the answer when I'm like this. At least it's better than when schoolwork triggers a panic attack/ emotional flashback (I'm not really sure what's going on...) and I end up curled up in a ball shaking and whimpering for about an hour hoping nobody will find me. I feel so stupid. Playing music quietly and taking a few seconds to acknowledge that I've gotten closer to finishing every time I make a certain amount of progress help a little. These 2 things are the only way I've been able to get through this school year. I am so very tired. I haven't been diagnosed with CPTSD, I can't open up to anybody enough to be, but the symptoms read like a biography. I'm really sorry if this is too long.

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