DAE have periods of exhaustion/fatigue regardless of how much sleep you’re getting?

Yes! The last few months I literally cannot get enough sleep! I'll be up for 20 minutes and be totally exhausted. I will tell you I used to always be a person who was go,go,go. I was a mom at 15 and was lucky if I had gotten more then 2 to 4 hours of sleep a night. I spent many years as a single parent working multiple jobs and keeping an immaculate house and making sure kids had home-cooked meals trying to be the perfect mom and wife. Then after my kids have pretty much all grown up and moved out and I had a couple surgeries to remove a broken tailbone and couldnt work for a year. It seemed to hit me where I had lost literally all my energy. I tried depression medication and it helped with the hopeless feeling but made me even more tired which I didn't think was possible. I sleep 16 to 20 hours a day. Im not sure how or why its happened or what I can do to get myself back to the person I was. I stopped taking the depression meds a month after I started because I slept enough as it was and didn't want to sleep my life away. Since I stopped taking it 4 months ago im still tired constantly If you find anything that helps or any recommendations please let me know. Im willing to try anything to not feel this way anymore

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