DAE purposely make themselves uglier?

YEP! I cut all my hair off because I was tired of being pumped and dumped by worthless incels. I didn't fucking get it... I thought I was Stacy-lite. Men were approaching me in the street (occasionally) and friends were calling me cute and pretty behind my back. But this incel used me for sex, then told me I was "meh" looking and he didn't love me. He then bragged about me to his friends. turns out even Stacy lite gets pumped and dumped because men love nothing more than "conquering" a girl.

So I figured that moids saw me as a subhuman 7/10 normie who would never be good enough. so they'd try to plate me or use me as a practice girlfriend whilst their hypergamous asses attempted better. I was pretty enough to fuck, not pretty enough to love. I was sickened by this realization of men's true nature so I thought... if you scumbags even think I'm fuckable, I'll ensure you feel too intimidated to ever approach me again.

I was also curious to see how moids would behave differently in my every day life when I stopped signaling my femininity via long hair. It would really prove my hypothesis that most of them are sex-obsessed animals who can only see women as potential fucktoys. And surprise surprise the looks I started to receive from men and women alike were VERY different. Tbh men behaved better than I expected but they were still much more reluctant to speak to me. New people looked more indifferent or bored when they first met me. Although... once I got over the confidence blow from losing SMV points, I did feel like I was being taken more seriously as a person. I focused on grabbing attention with my personality since I knew I was ugly and no one would take interest in me just for existing.

Short hair suits some girls but it doesn't suit me. my hair is super thick and my face is thin, which makes it look really weird and difficult to style. I look like a 14 year old with a bowlcut and my large nose sticks out even more. But the moids have left me the hell alone and I'm no longer up at night being confused about my worth because they're no longer interested in infecting my head with lies so they can sleep with me. I'm better off for it.

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