[DAI Spoilers] Just finished "The Descent" questline. What do you think the implications of it are for future games, and what would sort of effects would you like to see?

It'd be neat if a few dwarves could be their own version of a mage. Instead of having the variety of human and elf mages, who can toss around lightning bolts, fire, healing magic, energy bolts, force fields, dwarves would get their powers from the Titans, so it would be more limited to stone and lyrium-based magic, but still be really powerful. In a way, they'd be the Dragon Age equivalent of druids instead of mages, something like that. Or, they'd be able to create stone guardians, being a Summoner equivalent.

I think it's more interesting if the dwarves could get a hold of some of those rifles the Sha-Brytol had. Being able to build guns could be a way for the dwarves to become relevant to the world again!

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