[Daily - TRADE] /r/DynastyFF Trade MEGATHREAD - November 16, 2018

12 Team/Half PPR

Have a big week coming up to determine what the rest of my year looks like. We have a trade deadline on Wednesday (yes I know deadlines are stupid in dynasty), and I have a matchup this week against one of my key opponents for the last playoff spot. If I lose, I am pretty much out of the playoff race and am considering OFFERING this trade to an established contender for this year;

I give: Edelman, Ajayi, and a mid 1st

I get: L Bell

So not sure if he is willing to give up Bell, but like I said, I’m waiting to see if I win this week first. Wanted to post this question now so I have more input before our deadline on Wednesday.

Do you think this trade is fair since he would for sure use Edelman to help his playoff push while Bell is officially out for the season? Feel like Edelman’s value is at its highest and he only had another year or two of his current production if he can stay healthy. Ajayi is a year younger than Bell and has a lot of upside.

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