[Daily - TRADE] /r/DynastyFF Trade MEGATHREAD - July 03, 2019

10 Team PPR Would be committing to a rebuild.

Give: David Johnson + 2019 2.10

Get: Kareem Hunt + 2019 1.07 + 2020 (likely late) 1.x

My other picks:

2019 = 1.04, 1.09, 1.10, 2.02, 2.05

2020 = early-mid 1.x, late 1.x, 2.x

I have no other RB depth besides Chubb and Guice (whose value is debatable anyway) and based on other teams' strengths I'd likely need a few breaks to even make the playoffs this year, so I'm feeling that my best bet is to sell DJ since I'm not in my championship window and hope Hunt goes to a good RB-needy team next year. I've already tried consolidating 2019 picks into 2020 picks, but most everyone in my league is already overly excited for the 2020 class.

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