Daily Advice Thread - All basic help or advice questions must be posted here. August 04, 2021

I know it's helpful to give more specific info about myself when asking a question but I don't want to give anymore info than is necessary.

I just got a job, finally, after being unemployed for a while. My expenses will be around 40 percent of my paycheck.

- I'd like to max out my ROTH IRA every year until I retire. This would be about 18 percent of my paycheck after taxes. I'm currently a bit behind on my retirement, I only have 30k in but no debt other than a mortgage.
- Have some savings as emergency fund, life changes (moving or starting a family or even down payment on a home). Thinking 12 percent of my paycheck.
- Invest 5-10 percent of my paycheck into bitcoin.
Total: 70 percent of my paycheck accounted for.

That leaves 10-30 percent of my paycheck leftover depending on what random expenses come up every month. I would like to invest this money as well into something a bit medium to high risk that I could liquidate easily for whatever comes up (start a side hustle business, start a family, down payment on second house, etc.)

The other option would be to take this money and pay down my mortgage on a rental condo though I'm locked in at 2.8 percent so I feel like I'd prefer to invest it.

Do you all have any suggestions on what I should do with this money? I don't want too much just sitting in savings because of inflation and it's not earning anything like it would invested. I could just invest in the S&P 500 but let me know what you think!

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