Daily Ask Anything: 2019-08-12

I feel like a highish TRT dose+Milk+squats+maybe highish dose Primo blasts for a couple of years is the way to go if you're gonna be super cautious about organ health or whatever.

I've been a 10%ish 170 at 6'1" and now I'm a 13%ish 205, and it didn't take all that much steroids, really. I think you can get there quicker than you think, especially if you get a little more #yolo with your compounds/dosages. I mean, you're okay with permablasting for 2 years, why not do 1 year of cruising at ~150 but mix in a couple of 12 week big boy cycles. Use some non/low aromatizing compounds on top of the low test. DHB, Primo. Even anavar is good for bulking contra popular opinion (it doesn't effect my appetite, so maybe that's why I say that.)

It just seems like you're overestimating how unhealthy doing actual blasts are and underestimating how unhealthy whatever it is you're doing.

Even if you didn't cruise, just ran 2 big boy cycles a year and came off each time, I feel like you can put on 25ish lbs of good tissue in a year easy.

Can you eat? that's the big question here.

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