Daily Ask Anything: 2020-11-25

Had to come off testosterone since I kept on getting on infection on my leg due to pinning. Got two infection in a time span of 6 weeks. First time, had to be hospitalised. Second time, it was minor but don't think it's worth it. So, I been on test - 500 mg cycle for 8 weeks total. Deciding to go off it since the infection ain't worth it for me.

Considering going on Rad 140 cycle - Sarms.

Do I need to do a full PCT and wait untill all my level back to normal before doing a sarms cycle?

Or can I go straight to sarms cycle and do the pct after the sarms cycle.

Also, I have been seeing people talk about how sarms messes up sgbh levels, and how it's not worth it . Yet, I've also heard people making crazy gains on it. Anyone that's actually been on sarms - Rad 140, what's your take on it?

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