Daily Bet Thread [Tuesday, 20.02.2018]

not OP but.

In terms of firepower, I'd actually say Tyloo is only a bit weaker than Renegades. xccurate is an underrated AWPer, one who could potentially beat Nifty. The easiest way RNG could 2-0 would be a godlike performance from jkaem, like we saw today. If that's the jkaem that shows up, it will be a 2-0.

In terms of form, you have to give it to RNG for jkaem's performance, and Tyloo did shit the bed today, losing their map pick 16-14. However, the day before Tyloo showed beat FNC 2-0, and it was a confident 2-0 as well. jkaem's form is scary, but if he doesn't show up, Tyloo can upset.

In terms of maps, I predict Tyloo to ban Nuke, as they hate it and it's their permaban typically, RNG will ban Overpass. Tyloo would pick Inferno, RNG picks Cache. The decider will either be Cobble or Mirage, but it's probably gonna be Cobble as Tyloo recently got murdered 16-2 by Faze. On Inferno, I could easily see this map going to Tyloo, as they almost beat Heroic on it. Cache probably would go to Renegades, they're the better team on it and they're more comfortable than Tyloo. For the decider, I feel like it could go either way. Renegades don't mind Cobble, but Tyloo did upset FNC 16-10 on it.

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