Daily Chat Thread - March 09, 2019

Is "Systems Engineering Intern" a position worth doing?

I applied for a position called Systems Engineering Intern for a defense company, and they want a phone interview. Thing is the position doesn't seem to be what I thought it would be, I guess I didn't read it very much. The full-time systems positions seem to have programming involved, and this intern position requires engineering/CS major, but these are the duties:

• Develops requirements and traces those requirements throughout multiple phases of a project to deliver a real-time system focused on protecting Naval assets and personnel • Develops technical documentation, system architecture and system design documentation. • Incorporates new plans, designs and systems into ongoing operations. • Contributes to the design and execution of unit, system and operational test and evaluation. • Deliver projects on time and with attention to quality

And it says for skills, they want communication skills, "Effective team player with highly proficient customer service skills," and I'd have to be advanced at Microsoft Office.

It kind of turns me off. This is not a summer internship and would start in the fall and I'm still possibly gonna have experience this summer, but I'm not sure if this would be a waste of time, though it is a paid internship.

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