Daily Chat Thread - April 28, 2019

[Advice Question]

Summary: I am a new grad, I had difficulties with finding job for couple months but found a place to take me. But they asked me to do some monitor other engineers (more like a managing job) .The working environment is really nice and fun, I don't have any hard task but learning quite from the engineers I monitored.

However, they required me to re-locate and I have to pay rent. Plus, I don't like some of the actions the companies are doing and they pay me pretty low => meaning I used up most of my salary each month. I would be okay with that only if I actually gain experience for coding.

At this moment, I really want a job for a better payment or coding experience. But I am lost on what do to right now, here are my plan:

I will ask for remote work from home or a raise, if he don't accept I will eventually leave. I can live in my house, get a part time job and study more of coding (while applying for jobs - even short-term unpaid internship should be fine for me). Should I do it or it will give a bad mark in my resume ? Or anyone have a better idea?

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