Daily Chat Thread: January 03, 2019

My husband got upset last night because I was reddit-ing. Apparently he doesn't like the fact that I participate in this sub. Namely because I talk about some of the more personal aspects of our lives. I totally get that he has things he likes to keep private, but I need an outlet! I don't think he understands that. I said "look at it this way, I'm talking to them rather than bringing up baby stuff with you 4 times a day". He responded that I could just not talk about it at all.

I definitely don't want to push the baby talk on him. Last time, I sent him a link to a car seat on sale with "too bad you won't let me buy baby stuff bc this is a good deal. ;) " His response was "you need to stop this or my responses will become increasingly hostile."

So yeah, he gets mad when I bring up babies with him, but he doesn't want me to talk to the internet either? There's just no winning.

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