[Daily Check-In] Monday Word Count and Personal Announcement Thread

New poster here! I've wanted to give selfpublishing a try for eons and finally am going to give it a serious shot. I started out writing stories for myself years ago, then moved onto writing audio scripts for places like gonewildaudio. I'm finishing some of my older stories, and it's amazing how much better I am after writing several hundred audio scripts.

I have a few unique strengths here that give me the idea that this is worth a try;

  • I know for fact at least a few hundred people have gotten off to smut I've written. I'm far less worried about 'is this interesting or hot' than 'can I get the sheer wordcount down.'

  • I have 14,000 followers on my tumblr, where I post captions/writing of my favorite kinks. (no clue if promoting stories there will actually help though)

  • I have data for all my scripts/captions; I know which audio scripts have done best, which captions have done best and which kinks are surprisingly popular.

  • Covers, I'm not an amazing artist but from what I've seen it's pretty rare that those with a graphic design background touch anything but the top-most amazon sellers (let alone my niche kinks). I'll try to post tips/suggestions where I can on the cover threads here since I think I can be of some help.

I have a few worries and concerns though;

  • I'm sticking to what has worked for me before. I'm only writing what I am personaly into 100%...and that rarely ends up being anything I can post on most sites. I like taboo kinks (incest/force/etc type) so finding places I can even post stories has been tricky.

  • I used to write a lot but for the last few years I've only written audio scripts. These are usually 500-2000 words and are heavy dialogue-based. Now that I'm writing proper stories again I constantly keep having to remind myself to describe the environment and characters in detail (which you need to avoid in scripts).

  • Writing-wise I tend to have a A.D.D. in which I hop from story idea to story idea, leading me to have 50+ stories in various stages of completion. I locked down 10 of the closest-to-done ones though so I'll focus on finishing those before doing any of the others.

The selfpublishing world is really really daunting. The last time I debated giving this a try the best method was 'spam out 3k word stories, then compile them into bundles.' Now the focus seems to be on longer 30-40k word stories (and hopefully more quality over quantity? not sure if thats true). This is great but the longest thing I've ever finished before was 10k words so its scary pushing myself to do more. My plan is to start small, push a few of my near-5k word stories up to 5k, and same with those near 10k. After that I'll focus on the longer ones.

This subreddit is really encouraging to read, with tons of useful info which helps a lot.

as for the daily check-in

  1. Finish the first draft of my closest-to-completion story

  2. I hit a new personal best of 2,700 words in an hour which is awesome, even if it's pretty sloppy

  3. Fully finish 1 short story, try out some of the editing tools I saw posted in a thread here

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