[Daily Check-In] Saturday Word Count and Personal Announcement Thread

I just wanted to leave you a message so you had one in the morning to look at! Hi John, it's your friend Claire. I really have nothing to talk about that you don't already know. It's 10pm here. I'm finishing up writing for the evening and doing laundry (so exciting). My cat is presently rolling around on my feet purring and my nose itches but I'm typing, so now I'm in a dilemma. Okay, so random fact about me, my favorite food ever is breakfast food. Like, I could eat breakfast every meal of every day. Probably explains coffee. Anyway, so I'm sitting here excited about going to sleep soon so I can wake up and eat breakfast. Weird right? When I'm eating breakfast you'll be close to eating dinner lol still trippy.

Anyway, again I have nothing to talk about that wouldn't bore you to tears. I just wanted to give you a good solid message to read in the morning while you pondered on the fact as to why you still associate with me. Glad to be of service.

Hope you had a good rest, be productive today! :D I'm sure you will be but it's my friendly neighborhood bout of encouragement. Talk to you later!


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