Daily Check-in Thread - March 31, 2020

Day 6 CT, I can't believe I did this, my spirit is warm

It's been a crazy few days, day 2-4 really really tough. I won't lie, this is not the first chemical to cause trouble for me in life and I've been through withdrawal many a time. Kratom not the worst but definitely not the easiest, no fucking cakewalk. If I hadn't had a huge supply of hydroxyzine I would not have made it this far. The weird thing about Kratom, relative to hard drugs and alcohol, is how fucking sneaky it was. When I found Kratom I thought I had found the key to clean and sober living: it's a stimulant, an antidepressant and a painkiller all in one and it's perfectly legal! I used my beloved speciosa for several years and eventually knew I was hooked but I just did not think I could shake it. In a weird way I don't think without the pandemic I would have done but I did it and I feel like I have landed on my feet. Watching the news I feel great waves of compassion watching the first responders in the news back in NY. Compassion? Feelings? Emotion? Ooohhhh yaaa I rember this this is when I brake my addiction dejour and come back into the real world and live a real life! So wonderful to be back here, to feel, to be real but........

I'm not gonna overthink it! :) I will go slow, bit by bit and take reality for what it is

Stay strong Corona quitters, we've got this!

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