[Daily Check-In] Thursday Word Count and Personal Announcement Thread

  1. Make a cover for my bundle. Edit some pages for the next story. Continue updating backmatter and links in my old stuff.

  2. My new story has made $1.87 in 5 days so obviously I'm killing it.

  3. Not great (see #2). I finally reached ten stories on one pen (something I swore I would do before I gave this up) and now I'm updating all the links and backmatter so I can possibly abandon the name and niche. The pen has earned $400 with ten titles (including the aforementioned $1.87) and two bundles but my best selling title ($77) had been out since August 2016 and I can't shake the feeling I'm doing worse with every release.

On a side note, does anyone know how long it takes for page numbers to show up on the product page? And if you update backmatter in old stories does the page number count change or is that set in stone?

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