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You can look at people and know if they are in the same league or not. If I see an ugly dude with an 8 I know he has money or something.

Yeah and he is getting his designated blowjob

If he isn't getting the friday night blowie he wants that Chad used to get then he is getting beta buxxed, as simple as that, but they are not aware if Chad used to get it or not, so yeah you can't say she has beta buxxed him, sometimes the freaky past of girl reveals, there are plenty of post on relationship_advice, not all of them could be fake

You are coming from a purely physical pov and judging the sexual relationship based on just looks, sex is very nuanced topic, you are reducing it to just looks,yes looks matter but a drunk 9/10 chick will spread her legs for a 4/10 goblin if circumstances are right, there are plenty of deadrooms with looks match as well

You are simplifying it too much just support you beliefs, I gtg, tc!

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