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That must have hurt her somewhere

The point was that women can't do dirty jobs necessary to support society, why is it always about sex to you? Women can't sustain a civilized society without men lol , how many successful civilizations did women lead? I could probably count on fingers

How many companies did women founded? Way too few

Idc what job women find attractive, society rewards mine and if it makes your pussy dry too bad, I will just buy one, sex sells, you are free to view it morally wrong or whatever, doesn't matter, in the end I can buy intimacy, not like your love is unconditional lol, might as well quantify the transaction completely

Nepotism doesn't insult in skewed STEM ratio or inventors

OF women earn 6 figures but question is how many? and for how long? If they choose to have kids then yikes, that kid is gonna get fucked up for a while finding out her mom whored herself out

Thinks giving birth is a huge deal even animals can do that with out any IQ, is it stressful? Yes , Is it important? Yes, Does it require you develop any skill? No, Can you survive pregnancy without any support? Also No

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