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“There are men who love us and will protect us at all cost”. One hundred percent. That impulse is present in the vast majority of men. However, ask yourself, does this reach a point where men get far too overprotective (risking physical injury with an altercation over something like what is being discussed)? In addition, if some women have this idea in their head with respect to their man, do you think this is going to make them more or less likely to consider the consequences of their own decisions in certain contexts? I would argue that many men who are overly sensitive to protecting their girl against comparitively trivial non violent situations are only removing disincentives for potential shitty behaviour in some women.

If you are fully responsible and accountable for your own emotions/decisions/whatever, you are naturally going to consider the consequences and likely outcomes of said decision far more. When you feel you have a personal bodyguard or attack dog at your beck and call? That is absolutely not going to be conducive to influencing good behaviour on your part.

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