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Women think there is two type of men. One type sees women as "objects", is lame and creepy and at the very least desperately needs therapy. The other type is respectful and "just normal".

This is wrong. Ultimately men who are attracted to women are by and large similar in how they see women. It purely comes down to how they handle their own attraction and how they act. A respectful and "normal" man who "treats women as human beings" and is fun to be around, that man is more disciplined maybe he has more experience, whatever. But at the end of the day that motherfucker sees women the EXACT same way an incel does deep down. There is nothing innately different about him. There are men who lie about this even to themselves and would strongly disagree, but deep down every heterosexual man loves boobs, ass, the female form, and having sex with women, touching them, being close to them. Every man has a bit of a perverted fuck inside him, the one who would genuinely enjoy grabbing a nice pair of boobs or the ass of that random woman they never saw before wearing that skin-tight yoga pant on the street. It 100% comes down to our actions, NOT our internal image of women.

And I'm willing to die on this hill.

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