Daily Coronavirus Megathread - 02 January 2022

I need to travel to QLD on January 16th and my wife has Covid. She got it on December 29th and got tested on December 30th. We just have 2 more days of iso, a rapid test and it's over.

On the QLD Covid website it says:

You cannot enter Queensland if, in the last 14 days have you either been: to an interstate exposure site, or identified as a secondary or casual contact, and are currently subject to self-isolation or quarantine requirements imposed by another Australian State or Territory. An interstate exposure site means a place or venue published or otherwise notified to members of the public as a place or venue where COVID-19 transmission has occurred.


identified as a close contact of a confirmed case of COVID-19 and are currently subject to self-isolation, quarantine, or testing requirements of another Australian State or Territory

If someone had Covid before traveling and isolated/recovered and ended their quarantine 13 days prior to traveling, does that mean they cannot travel? Or does it mean starting your isolation WITHIN the 14 days prior?

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