Daily Discussion - (June 19)

+10% today on jackpot acct and won each trade, but used up all cash, so done for now. Slippage and quick moves ate up a few % but whatever. If I still had cash, a 5 min close under 1431.7 on /RTY would have that as resistance, and I'd open a short it at that level for a 5 min candle.

Right now its at 4k, and I realize getting to the goal of a half mil by EoY is pretty tough. Actually, the market presents opportunities each day, but its not so easy to smash options like futs, slippage will eat some gains and predetermined orders can't be used. I was too used to doing that and that's why I lost big on BIDU puts even though it made a huge directional move in my favor... A lot of discipline is required as well. Making consistent small 5-10% days is the key imo, making large losses is the worst thing to do, cuz you have to work harder to make it up. That said, trading correctly will net some small wins, cutting for small losses, and being correct more often should result in net gain. When throwing in the jackpots, the possibility of winning big is ever present.

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