Daily Discussion - May 25, 2019 (GMT+0)

MATIC. Before you downvote - I'll like to add actual value instead of pointlessly shill.

MATIC's performance is driven by its unique fundamentals. Specifically token distribution. Unlike that of most tokens, this token's distribution actually favors PUBLIC token holders:

-90% of the intial token sale went to the public

-Vast majority of remaining tokens are locked until September.

Because of this, there are fewer large parties (e.g., private investors, advisers, etc. that the crypto community refers to as whales) which bought at discount and are looking to unload their tokens. What does this mean? Pumps are more sustained, dumps are less drastic. Sure you can argue MATIC is benefiting from the Binance IEO structure that incentives pumps - BUT unlike coins like FET and CELR, the pumps directly benefit the PUBLIC token holders versus early private parties.

There is more I can say on MATIC's technological fundamentals, but I'll keep this short. If your interested - read their white paper and medium posts, one of which is linked before.

Before investing in new coins RESEARCH. Research TOKEN DISTRIBUTION, the team, and activity. You can find this information in white papers (just ctrl f token sale and token release) and for Binance IEOs on the Binance research reports. Use this to compare coins and see if they're worth investing in. Crypto performance isn't just whale magic and 4chan pump and dumps.

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