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I am in the same boat. Grocery retail. Already moved back in with the family a couple months ago due to hardship, but now I am putting them at risk everyday I work. Plus, my work showed us a 6 min video and said masks are not allowed due to "fear mongering". We are also low on gloves, and they are shitty vinyl kinds that rip or don't fit properly. We are so busy I barely have time to stop and wash my hands. I have forced myself to slow down, but the pressure is there from my terrible leadership. It was a very toxic environment before all this, and I made numerous complaints. All I can tell you is, I am calling in today, in about an hour. I would honestly rather live in a tent. You can't have a livelihood without a life. The current situation worldwide is literally only the strong survive, and when even the strong get sick, you have to do things for yourself that you might not have mentally prepared for. I would say try to stay positive, but being in the same boat as you living check to check in literally one of the most threatening places for the virus right now, it's pretty fucken hard to. Please, take care of yourself, and you might just save others doing it.

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