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I'm upgrading my board and I've narrowed it down to a frw boards and brands I like:

First thing's first. I'm 6'2", 235lbs, size 12 boot, 39 years old. I would say my skill level is somewhere between intermediate and advanced. Definitely not an expert but I feel comfortable and confident on any black diamond... I can carve better than pretty much all of my friends, but I can't do much in the park besides boxes (never had much interest) and I'm not good at jumps, but I'd like to get better at catching air off a good roller or smaller jump. Not really interested in big jumps.

My main style of riding is just carving, big turns, small turns, and cross-under. I also love going through the trees, and moguls. But my true love is going fast and holding an edge, especially when it's hard snow or ice. Something about the way it feels so perfectly balanced on that razor thin edge is meditative. I want to get better at moguls, but it's tough because everyone I go with hates moguls, so I don't get much practice. I want to improve my moguls because I find them really fun and think it's really impressive when someone can make moguls look clean and easy on a snowboard. I also enjoy powder days, but I live in the northeast so that's pretty much once or twice a season.

Okay so all of that being said, I find my current board too loose/floppy/unstable at high speeds. I want something stiffer, and faster. Speed is really the name of the game here. But I also really want something that can do quick turns as well in a tree run or mogul run.

I think I've chosen some okay boards for these purposes? I've been stalking the Jones Flagship for a couple years and I really want it. I guess I'm a little worried it might not be ideal for quick sliding turns like are necessary for moguls and tight tree runs??

Other boards I'm looking at are: Jones Mountain Twin, Bataleon Goliath +, and Arbor Bryan Iguchi Pro Camber

I live kind of in the middle of nowhere so I don't really have an opportunity to demo these particular boards, so any insight into how well they would work for what I've described would be super helpful. THANKS!!!

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