[Daily Discussion] Saturday, October 05, 2019

The honeypot flippening. Since we're allowed to discuss ratios here, I hope that includes bearish sentiment. ETH mcap will flip BTC on the honeypot theory, which I am either presenting here or reiterating if someone said it first.

There are a million BTC that are in pre2011 wallets. These wallets are less resistant than present day wallets, I believe it was Vitalik, whom estimated the security of these early wallets to be similar or equivalent to wallets that have been spent from, which at the time was postulated to be totally safe from computers, however this was before the google breakthrough and subsequent MIT comment about 256 being broken in 25 years, and he specifically said when quantum arrises it will likely only or preliminarily target the unsecure wallets (pre2011 and spent). The honeypot theory would be 1mm or more coins being stolen by google. Likely a hard fork. And subsequent BTC:ETH short looks very very good for not just this year, but the foreseeable future.

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