Daily Discussion Thread: 04/21/2018

Need opinions. My ex gf recently contacted me and we dated each other for 3 years. I broke up with her over some fucked up shit. We live in different states now. We started talking about being together seriously again and I bought her a plane ticket to come here next week. (Note: she literally has $0. No money of her own and she's living with friends for free right now) I found out tonight she's probably fucking some dude (as we speak) and pretending to be asleep when she's actually going out to bars/clubs.

My plan: act ignorant, like I'm not bothered. Tomorrow morning she's going to tell me she fell asleep early. I'll let her fly here with the flight I paid for. Then I'm going to fuck her. Then I'm going to tell her I have a surprise for her and take her somewhere special. And I'm going to drop her off at some random location and tell her I know she was doing shit behind my back. And then I'm going to say goodbye and drive off. And block her.

What do you guys think? Too extreme?

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