Daily Discussion Thread: 05/12/2016

As it started to kick in I began to notice my vision and hearing becoming more sensitive, colors lookec more vibrant, i could hear sounds in your surrounding which I've never noticed before. I decided to take a walk through the hills and became extremely fascinated by every tree plant bug and even the dirt until until ive come to the realization that im on black and orange and it's only been about 45 minutes so things are going to get much weirder.

I look into the sky and I'm blown away by the sight I see. It's like i just stepped into a Thomas Kincaid painting on test, hgh, dbol and clen. I can see the Suns rays shining across the sky and feel them being absorbed into my body. The clouds I can't even describe the clouds.

I decide to sit down and enjoy the view i think is a world class view but is really just a 3 minute walk from my house as i haven't yet made it to the trails. I notice im sitting on some grass and it's moving all weird, kinda vibrating. The grass is breathing. No, wait, grass doesn't breathe. It doesn't even move, so what is it doing?

Wait what's that behind me? Hmm.. Nothing's there. But it really feels like someone is watching me. When did it get so dark? The sun is out it should be pretty bright, it was bright a few moments ago. How long has it been? 50 minutes?! Ive only been here for 5 minutes... This is getting intense and I swear someone is watching me.

God damn it who are these people walking toward me, why are they wearing a wedding dress and tux? Fuck they're taking wedding pictures... "Hey do you guys need me to move?" "No it's ok we will just photoshop you out."

Damn, I hope they can't tell I'm on black and orange. I'm gonna walk down this area here and see what's over here. Actually it keeps getting darker, let's head home. Wait no it's only 1pm it's not dark wtf is wrong with me. How is everything so vibrant yet dark at the same time? I hope I didn't take too much black and orange? The directions say 1 scoop but my friends said it's pretty strong and to only try half, maybe I should have listened to them...

Ok who the fuck is watching me? I need to take this backpack off and sit down. But I'm not wearing a backpack, why does it feel like I'm squatting 2 plates right now? I should have brought my gun, this thing watching me needs to fuck off.

Alright whatever, just close your eyes, this black and orange should make you see some cool stuff. Why is it so bright when my eyes are closed? Everything looks normal with them open let's try again. Hmm that's absurdly bright for having closed eyes, it kinda seems like it's moving, what is that? AAAHHHHHHHH

What the hell was that? Was that in your head? What is that bright light? Ok one more time just keep your eyes closed let's see what this is. Oh shit I'm driving. Oh shit this is the car I crashed last month. Oh shit that's my ex gf screaming. Oh shit crash.

Ok sick this black and orange is getting intense. Let's just keep our eyes open for the rest of the day I don't want to relive the crash again. Or worse idk what else I might imagine.

Let's go home. Why is it so hard to walk, I'm 190 not 250 wtf. God damn it why is it so dark. Ah the couch, finally lets watch some tv and let this black and orange get out of your system.

Wait, oh no, what's happening? Where did the couch go? What am I laying on? What is this? What? Am I the couch? Get up. Move. Why aren't you moving, why do you feel so heavy? What's that in the corner, why are all the corners black, your walls are white and the lights are on, why can't you see into the corners?

It's been an hour and a half since you took black and orange fuck this stuff. Sleep it off. Holy shit it's bright in my head, oh yea the crash alright so much for sleeping.

Wtf am I watching, friends? Let's change the channel. Grab the remote, grab the remote. Move your arm and grab the remote. Fuck black and orange and fuck friends I'm stuck in this couch. I feel like one of the people in a depression commercial on tv, heavy shoulders, black cloud looming over head, can't do anything.

For 3 hours I was stuck on that couch.

Black and orange never again.

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