Daily Discussion Thread 07/26/19

Okay so here's a thought, and i'm not saying even i believe this 100% but, thinking about that "July" trailer, what if it being changed to Summer wasnt a leak cover-up but a genuine correction? So, now kids in Japan are on summer break as of this week, and its been over two months since the joker update. The trailer originally was titled with July in the name and everyone assumed it was a mistake concerning not actually wanting the DQ Hero info with the rest of the july releases. Now, there were a lot of rumours before about an August 4th release but thats on a sunday. The friday before that in Japan/AUS/NZ is August 1st, July 31st in the west. If Hero was going to originally be announced for July and not some secret cover-up, but that was the western date that puts other regions NOT in July, it might make sense to not be so specific.

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