Daily Discussion Thread: 10/16/2020

I'm 6'2 155 lbs with ~12% bf. I have been lifting with a focus on bench, ohp, and rows on and off for about 2 years where I started out at around 130-135lbs. I've always been very anorexic-like but I'm happy with the changes I made by going to the gym and increasing to the amount of food I was eating 2 years ago as I've gained a lot of muscle while losing body fat too. I never trained my legs before because prior to lifting I did a lot of up hill hiking and jumping so my legs were always much larger and stronger than my upper body. I haven't added squats or deadlifts to my routine yet but I can do 20 pistol squats per leg without difficulty. My calves are currently around 14.75" around without pump and my biceps are 12.5" without pump (they probably started off being 9" 2 years ago). My question is: should I start going hard on squats and deadlifts now so my legs get even bigger or should I wait a bit more until my upper body can catch up even more? Thanks.

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