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My min wage convo on tuesday summarized.

  • Me: CBO had a great score for Obama's bill, you could make it even lower than that and still improve things.

  • Resistor 1: My neoliberal bible says never raise the min wage, so $9 is radical.

  • Me: Inflation from the last min wage increase would put it to $8.50 today. Clearly you all love Bush & pre-Trump Congress Republicans. They felt that was fair value.

  • Resistor 2: Damn, they got us. We even look alt-right by outflanking Bush or...oh wait a minute, I found a new card to play. Yep, not a federal problem, go ask states to do it.

  • Me: Okay. Hi, states. Do dis.

  • States: Akshually this is a local issue.

  • Me: Okay, St. Louis do dis.

  • St Louis: Okay, $10 sounds nice.

  • Missouri: NO. This isn't a local issue. uses authoritarian power to revert the law.

  • Progressives 2021: $15 min, and tied to hyper inflation increases each year. MAGA.

  • Resistors: Woah woah, guys....what about $8.50 instead?

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