Daily Discussion Thread: 11/10/2015

Hey guys I wrote a poem after lifting the other day while getting stoned with a buddy in his car.

Actually, my buddy (a growing rapper) challenged me to freestyle, and I ended up getting more bars than he did. I took what I said and crafted a poem out of it.

My friend really enjoyed it and has since used it as a base for a new song he's working on.
Anyways, here it is.

Fuck bitches acquire currency

'Having a job is like having one customer for your business, except that business is you.'

It's always a good feeling
to know that you can still surprise yourself
for tonight I freestyled a freestyle
and managed to out smart myself.
I lied to my friends today
that I was a rapper
and fabricated this lie
made straight from the crapper:
I challenged the two
that I could freestyle!
I managed to get them to listen
at least for a while.
And yeah, it's what really happened.
I had faked it for a minute
and when it was about to end it
I said fuck it! and quit it.

I left my thoughts
out about and in a stew
of how I once rapped the rap
I never once knew.

I said

'What is this object
that we tend to call money?
It's bullshit, all of it, really
it's actually quite funny.

The idea of life
put to a quantified wage
leaves me thinking
we live in a dark age,

For we cannot think
that happiness lies
without the idea
that fucking time dies!

Get a job!
They once tumbled and said
And do it until
you afford to be dead!

For what is life?
but our moment that just passed?
what good is it then
if it was not meant to have last?

I object thee you see
for I am quite happy at will
I may be poor
But I am not ill.

I am sound and safe
and a man nonetheless!
who's just figured out
the life he must test.

He'll build himself greatly
and in doing so
remove the patch in his head
you had once tried to sow.

I will become the very greatest
I ever could be
and in doing so fuck bitches
acquire currency.

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