Daily Discussion Thread: 3/16/2016

Went on a date last night but I came home pissed. Despite great conversation and me and the girl having a lot of common interests and relating on a ton of things from career/life goals to our upbringing/parents, I was pissed when she dropped me off.

  1. She didn't let me even kiss her. She swerved me at the end of the date. My fault for not being more aggressive earlier never wait til the end of the date to start kissing/making out. Should have done so halfway through and forced her to be in or out.

  2. She was wearing fucking yoga pants and a hoodie. I was in pants, a graphic tee, and a quality jacket. HUGE red flag when a girl meets you for a date and bums it. She obviously didn't think I was worth it enough to even attempt to impress or look good for. If she did she would have dressed nice.

I haven't gone on a legit date in a while it's mainly been booty calls so that shit kind of pissed me off. The dating game is so skewed towards women, who get satisfaction from making you jump through hoops for implied pussy. The more they make you wait and the more things they can make you do without giving you sex, the better they feel. Perhaps I'm jaded for being mad about not getting play on a first date, but at least throw a little sugar my way.

Now I'm forced to go full scumbag on our second date and start running calculated game on her. I was just acting normal and being chill last night and I seriously regret it. You can't give these bitches an inch or they'll take a mile. She gets to fuck my time, fuck my money, fuck my conversation, and fuck my company, and I get nothing. It's honestly been almost a year since I took out a girl I wasn't already fucking in public. For the past year if a girl wasn't down to come over to my place on the first date I didn't even bother calling her again and now I remember why. I hate the feeling of being manipulated and strung along for the hope of pussy. Which is exactly what dating is.

I hate how women use their pussies as weapons for time and attention. I guess I'm just mad because I got suckered into playing the game the nice guy's way, the woman's way, and I got what nice guys get, which is nothing. I remember why I despise dating now. Can't believe I forgot this bullshit.

Back to being a scumbag boys.

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