Daily Discussion Thread | April 04, 2021

Get a grip. Early on last year I was hesitant to go out for anything like any normal person. We just didn’t know enough. It’s been a year plus, we’ve learned a lot. I’m an essential worker who has gone to work every damn day during this and have been fine with the cdc recommended stuff. I’ve hung out with friends at outdoor bars and we’ve all been ok. Now I’ve got my parents and myself fully vaccinated, my closest friends all have one dose and 3 of us have both doses. Yes we still have to be smart and wear masks in public settings and what not but get a grip. At what point are we all going to acknowledge that a subset of our population never want to go back to normal because they’re horribly introverted, socially awkward,or just use it as an excuse to remain away from people or not work ever again?

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