Daily Discussion Thread for August 05, 2021

Aaaaand Disney’s pre earnings run up gas just begun.

Disney park attendance is going to blow away expectations. Six flags reported way higher than expected park attendance and average visitor spending in the park. Disney has a much larger target audience and Florida has been open for quite a while. Disney+ will have stagnant growth but they will report great numbers from direct to customer sales from Disney+. Black widow made almost as much money from direct to customer streaming on Disney+ in the first week as movie theatre sales. That is insane and a major shift in this industry.

Movie theatre visits drop down drastically after a couple of weeks, but streaming will stay. I wouldn’t be surprised if Disney announces they made more money on black widow from streaming than theatres. That would be an insane new avenue of $$$ for Disney and will take the stock to orbit.

But then there is always the risk of douchebag newsom shutting down California park because of delta variant.

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