Daily Discussion Thread for November 24, 2021

Alamo, California

12:45 P.M.

62F Sunny

Holy fuck I have just seen the most LA starving artist pickup line I have ever seen or read

I just looked through this guy's insta/art/news clippings, and it's literally just like

"I fuck a lot of girls, I do a lot of drugs, you should fuck me too then let me cum in you and take shittily edited photos of you"

I cannot fucking believe anyone falls for that more than once in their life

Especially when all these so called artists are such fucking vapid RETARDS

And at this point I have heard way too many stories about the same old tired story of how some chick fucks a starving vapid artists, that it just gets worse and worse and worse every year

Literally the story I was recently told was the worst one I've heard so far in my 23 years of existence on this tinderbox we call Earth that I'm going to set slight

Like almost-identical stories have been told time immemorial, but it just gets WORSE and more FUCKED UP every time I hear one

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