Daily Discussion Thread | January 10, 2023

Making a separate comment for a separate issue and to rant a bit.

I was at a cardiological hospital today and medical staff does not give a fuck. Most people wore masks properly but I counted 3 KN95s, only one of them on a nurse. Other nurses wore masks mostly when on corridors, doctors too. There's zero understanding or zero responsibility about airborne transmission. At a place where people with weakened hearts are being tested and treated. No air filtration either, instead a place at the main hall for people to eat and chill without masks on.

What is the reason for this madness among doctors? I'm loosing all my trust I had in them, except for their very narrow specialization. If I listened to medical professionals I wouldn't even know I need one, reddit and twitter has been more helpful which is ridiculous.

I was the only person in an N95, the only one I've seen for 6 hours I've been there.

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