Daily General Discussion - January 7, 2019

TL;DR / Simpler abstract:

Fatum is a proof-of-concept framework. It's an open source and integration-friendly software solution built on top of the Ethereum blockchain. The pure goal of the framework is to determine the blockchain solution to some technical problems (such as how two systems might integrate, how a given solution can be bolted on top of the current main chain, etc.) or to demonstrate that a given configuration can achieve a certain throughput.

With Fatum, creating a PoC is as simple as just transforming any idea into smart contract logic. By moving the entire proof-of-concept process to a secure chain environment, innovative technologies become more accessible, and testing them is faster, safer and more efficient.

That means new services, products, short/mid/long-term implementations now can be tested and rolled out at a quicker pace. Thereby, the process of digital transformation becomes way faster and easier. Plus, the fundamental value of early-stage companies would be known with a high level of certainty, for everyone.

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