Daily General Discussion and Advice Thread - December 28, 2021

Hey, I haven't look at my investment account for a year now owing to struggling with the motivation to do anything, but now that I have, looking for some advice on stock picks in the US.

Per the post, here's info about myself:

I'm looking for gains in about 2-5 years, am investing while on student/work visa and so want to be able to drop and sell on short notice *when* I decide to leave.
No objectives with this money, I'm treating this as additional income over keeping it at a US bank (which has piss poor rates when you look at Asia bank rates). Beating the SPY would be nice.

What I got:

Individual companies:

SQ: 3

CRSR: 12


JNJ: 1

MGSM: 30 (made a bad bet with this, prolly going sell off for tax loss.)

U: 9


RJA: 75

ICLN: 16

SPY: 4


Excluded are the stock grants from the company I work at, cause my portfolio is heavily skewed against them and will make where I work obvious.

So far my best bets have been Unity (of figuring that at this point every CS college student knows and uses this if they want to do game dev), and RJA (who knew you'll always need food, and that they'll somehow adapt to the initial supply chain issues I guess?).

I'm wondering if I should just say sod it to the individual stocks I have and just throw my money at RJA, ICLN, and SPY. I'd add GAMR to the list but the widespread discrimination issues in the industry isn't doing wonders for my ethics or my money.

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