Daily General and Questions Megathread (10/26)

Should I build up Ezelith or Mikoto for the inc raid? I've got MUB 4* T2 weapons for each (ready to be upgraded to T3 whenever) and Flash of Genius and Levin's Champion wyrmprints for them respectively. My fire dragons are MUB Pele, Ifrit, Phoenix, and MUB Brunhilda. I've also got Verica, who put a lot of love and effort into, but I'd like to pass and overwhelm the DPS check for the raid - especially since I already have Phoenix prepped.

So far I feel as though Ezelith would be the best choice, considering sleep resistance and I'm more comfortable with her playstyle... but I've also heard Mikoto's damage output is insane. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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