Daily General and Questions Megathread (11/16)

Since the next high dragon out is probably High Jupiter (next in story) and wind has an abundance of ranged units, do you think its initial nuke will do less damage than High Midgardsormr, or possibly do less to ranged and more to melee?

Regular Jupiter is skewed to ranged units (massive purple aoes that bows/wands spam attacks just out of range of), so it wouldn't make sense to gatekeep those units. Also, wind is primarily ranged units, just as fire is primarily melee units.

This is just a theory, but it'll be interesting to see how the nuke works when the next high dragon comes out! If it's the same, it'll be harder to get your ranged units past the checks. And while Musashi can get past more easily, he's going to have trouble dodging purples. If it's the opposite, it'll make more sense for team composition (and make the fight a little easier).

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