Daily General and Questions Megathread (06/17)

Adding on to the other response:

Forte deals amazing damage and is centered around shapeshifting as soon as possible to get her dragon claws maxed out early. Wyrmprints for her should be Heralds of Hinomoto and Flames of hate/plaguebringer. Shinobi is her best dragon, though most other DPS ones work.

Grace is an amazing "healer" who has good synergy with Patia. She enables her team to ignore knockback from attacks and inflictions (as long as the shield isn't destroyed in the attack). Good prints for her are Odd Sparrows and either The Chocolatiers or Study Rabbits. She should be using an HP dragon, so Azazel is her best, with high zod, mini zod and ebisu being close seconds.

Patia is a great support unit once spiralled, granting the entire team defence and strength buffs.

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