Daily Headphone Purchase Advice thread

I'll preface this by saying I got new headphones for christmas, fell in love with them (since my old ones broke a few weeks ago), then realized that they aren't actually what I want in life and I should probably put up the money to buy proper ones. I'm hoping to find some help here.

  • Budget - $60 < x < $200. "Super-high-quality" headphones are a bit wasted on me, I can't tell the difference unless I'm literally listening to a tin can with string taped on.
  • Source - Windows 7, audio device says "Realtek High Definition Audio".
  • Requirements for Isolation - Not interested in isolation. These'll be used at home.
  • Preferred Type of Headphone - I am extremely interested in bluetooth headphones but can be persuaded otherwise. I'm looking for over-ear or in-ear. I've never found a good headset microphone so I don't care if there is one present or not. A good mic is a plus though.
  • Preferred tonal balance - I recognize some of these words?...pass.
  • Past headphones - I've gone through three Logitech H540 headsets in as many years. Comfortable, no problems except that they broke in 12 months or less, every time, and the mic is pathetic. Right now I'm wearing "Bluedio Legend R+"...they seem quite nice to me except that the website is 100% chinese and the "tech support" link redirects to a chinese search engine (that looks exactly like google).
  • Preferred Music - I listen to a lot of different things. Mostly indie, I suppose? If I can, I'll include spotify links... spotify:track:4PXb4gyyo85e3IYXa0eWkk, spotify:track:18ycL9Q5zLDeY9M2Lr3Ozw, spotify:track:7iOyMOxdOULvXqUqC26spJ.

One of the things that annoy me about these current headphones is that the cord is on the left ear, while my computer is to my right (and the cord drapes across my body). Is this something that can be fixed aside from moving my pc? I guess if my "dream headphones" have a cord on the left, I'll have to rotate my desk 90 degrees and move everything.

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