Daily INFP random discussion thread - February 09

Today was so embarrassing man. I was emailed a buy one get one free coupon for a popular ice cream store chain, so I hurried my fat ass over to the store. When I got to check out, the cashier very loudly accused me of giving her a fake internet coupon because she only accepts paper coupons. I was stunned how hostile she got so quickly, and I was embarrassed that the other customers were watching us. Then the old lady grabbed the phone out of my hand and scrolled up to check the email was real before giving my phone back to me and saying, “This time I’ll let you use your internet coupon.” First of all, the coupon came directly from the ice cream company’s corporate email account, and second of all I’m not so broke that I need to forge coupons to buy two little cups of ice cream. Argh!!!

The worst part was that when we sat down to eat, my friend commented how nice the cashier was after I was berated and humiliated because “She let you use the coupon even though she didn’t have to. That lady was a sweetheart.”

Is it okay for me to be upset at that old lady or am I being dramatic?? I just hate hostile confrontations and I’ve been replaying everything in my head to figure out if I was really at fault. I just feel a mixture of hurt and frazzled, like I don’t really want to venture outside for a while because my skin is just too thin to handle another confrontation like this.

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